Video | Kiev, a week after the start of the war | Videos

One of the main objectives of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in addition to gaining control of the south of the country and Donbas, is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and the heart of the country with 2.8 million inhabitants. In the video that accompanies this news, the special envoys of EL PAÍS and Cadena SER, Luis de Vega and Nicolás Castellano, narrate the current situation in the city, which is expecting a major siege by Russian troops just a week after to start the war declared by the Kremlin.

The Russian offensive has intensified in the capital in recent hours with serious bombardments that have not been repeated since the start of the attack ordered by Putin. The Russian army warned the population on Tuesday to leave the capital to avoid the offensive that, according to Moscow, will hit the city at strategic points. The first of these attacks took place hours after this announcement: an aerial bombardment on the city’s television tower killed five people who were in the area and injured five others. The telecommunications tower is located in the Babi Yar area, where between 100,000 and 150,000 people were killed during the Nazi occupation of Kiev in World War II. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has accused Moscow of wanting to erase the country’s history: “This attack shows that many people in Russia do not know Kiev.”

Days after the curfew imposed in Kiev ended, many of its citizens took refuge in the train station, a very busy place also due to the desire of many of them to leave the city. They fear the advance of the large column of Russian military vehicles – about 60 kilometers – that has been advancing for a couple of days from the northwest towards Kiev, according to UK and US espionage sources.