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On Thursday, during the UN Secretary General’s visit to kyiv and his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia attacked a residential area of ​​the capital. Jacobo García, special envoy of EL PAÍS to Ukraine, has traveled there this Friday to report on the situation in the video that accompanies this news. The mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, has also visited the same point, who has responded to the question of whether the capital is still a target for Russia now that it has transferred its forces to the Donbas front.

“kyiv is still a dangerous place, it is still a target for the Russians, of course. The capital of Ukraine is the objective and they want to occupy it”, said the alderman, in statements that are included in the video. “They don’t have a chance to do it, thanks to the Ukrainian forces, their soldiers, who put an end to the Russian plans. But we see that there is a high risk of regular attacks and right now my priority is saving people’s lives. We do our best, but we cannot guarantee what will happen in the next two minutes, the next two hours, or the next two days. We could have the next attack”, he added.

More than 400 injured

Although the intensity of Russian attacks on kyiv and its outskirts has decreased markedly in recent weeks, more than 400 civilians have been injured and more than 100 people have been killed since the start of the war. The two missiles that landed on Thursday left at least 10 other people injured.

-In this video you can see:

  • The Chronicle of Jacobo Garcia from Kyiv.
  • The statements by the mayor of kyivVitaly Klitschko.
  • The witness statements of Thursday’s attack.

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