VIDEO. In Colombia, a young man goes viral for selling kisses on public transportation!

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In an unusual and surprising initiative, a young Colombian has become a sensation on TikTok by offering his services kiss seller in the public transportation system TransMilenio, which operates in the capital Colombia and Soacha. The story of this unique entrepreneur has highlighted the economic difficulties faced by many citizens in Colombia.

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The video, which has gone viral with more than 56 thousand "likes" and more than 500 comments, shows the young man announcing his peculiar offer. Among the services offered are the "corner kiss" for 500 pesos (three Mexican pesos), tongue kisses for 1,500 (around 10 Mexican pesos) and a "piquito" for only 200 Colombian pesos (one peso in Mexico). ).

The entrepreneur even offers a complete package for 4 thousand pesos (almost 20 Mexican pesos). For customer convenience, it accepts payments in cash or via digital transfer.

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Although the initiative appears to be a joke, it reflects the difficult economic situation that many citizens in Colombia face due to the high cost of living, including food, gasoline, and rent. Amid economic uncertainty, some citizens are turning to unusual ventures to survive.

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The video has generated a wave of comments on TikTok, with users expressing surprise and humor at this unusual proposal. Comments like "I want to buy" and "I love you, Colombia" flood the publication, underlining the creativity of the young entrepreneur. Although some have humorously pointed out the supposedly high rate of the complete combo, most recognize the need to find ingenious solutions in difficult economic times.

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