Video: He tries to hang his girlfriend in the middle of the street and this was the outcome


Man attacks his girlfriend, submits her with a wrestling key in the streets of Mexico City.

Photo: @siete_letras / Courtesy

East video caused outrage in Mexicowhere the security cameras they caught a man who tried to hang his girlfriend in the middle of the street, hitpulled and dragged, until two young people, who are his neighbors, prevented him from doing so. The boys stopped the aggression and requested the support of a patrol. Initially, the victim rejected the support of the Mexican police, but later agreed to file a complaint against her sentimental partner.

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In the video recording, the moment in which the attacker applies a wrestling key to his girlfriend, corners her against the wall and presses her neck, while the woman tries to get away. The name of this subject is Charles Everardo Guichardhis photograph is already circulating on social networks, the police are looking for him to answer for the aggression, the image began to go viral and there are indications that he has been seen south of the Mexican capital.

Mexican media such as El Universal point out that the violence against women reached record figures so far in 2022. The foregoing is reflected in the increase in high-impact crimes, such as violation, gender-based assaults Y corruption of minorsaccording to the reports of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

Mexican authorities reported that 2,287 cases of rape against women, teenagers and girls in March this year, is the highest figure since 2015; It also represents 13% more compared to the 2,017 for the same period in 2021. On the other hand, 193 girls were victims of corruption of minors.

Just a few days ago the body of the young woman was located Debanhi Escobarafter more than a week disappeared in the northern state of New Lion. Debanhi’s case has caused controversy and criticism of the government of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorbecause it has not been able to stop, clarify, or do justice with regard to femicides.

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