Video | From Albares’s visit to Sánchez’s: this is how Ukraine has changed in two months due to the war | Videos


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has traveled to Ukraine to support and visit different cities that are part of the war scenario that began on February 24. This video collects the images that the head of the Executive has found in comparison with the last visit of a high-ranking representative of the Government of Spain. Two weeks before the start of the war, the foreign minister, José Manuel Albares, did the same as a sign of Spain’s support for dialogue in the face of the mobilization of thousands of Russian soldiers at the gates of the Russian border with Ukraine. However, all the international support to prevent the aggression was unable to stop the order of Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, who, shortly after, attacked the neighboring country from the north, south and east.

What was Ukraine like before the war? This video reviews the consequences that Ukrainian cities have had to suffer due to the Russian invasion. Likewise, this video captures the devastation that this attack has meant for many infrastructures of fundamental metropolises such as kyiv, the capital, Kharkov or Mariupol, one of the most important port cities due to its access to the Sea of ​​Azov. It also points out the difficult situation in which it has placed thousands of Ukrainians who were living outside their country.

In addition, the creation of humanitarian corridors has been complex and in some cases flight operations have had to be aborted for citizens who have tried to leave. The video that accompanies this news also broadcasts the statements of the President of the Government, who wanted to put into words his feelings after having seen the different scenarios of the war in the first person. From there, Sánchez has announced the largest arms shipment to Ukraine since the start of the war.

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