VIDEO: Fresno Police release tape of officer shooting and killing Hispanic man in January

The fresno police released a video of last January 13 when an officer shot and killed a suspect.
According to research, Edgar Morfin Mendoza34, was scandalizing with a knife in his hand at the Meux Home Museum, near the Amtrak station and the city hall building.
Two officers arrived at the scene and found the windows smashed and the front door of the museum open. The armed man was inside and according to Paco Balderrama, head of the Police Department, he was frantically yelling at the officers.
In the images it is observed that he tries to attack one of the agents, for which they shot him with a stun gun. However, Morfin tried to hit one of the officers and that was when another uniformed man shot him twice.
Morfin Mendoza was left lifeless outside the Meux Home Museum. The officers involved are veterans with more than 10 years with the Fresno Police Department.

Fresno Police is continuing the investigation which will be turned over to the District Attorney’s office, Internal Affairs and the Office of Independent Review.