VIDEO. FedEx plane makes an emergency landing, sparks... and leaves the runway

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A video circulates on social networks in which you can see how a FedEx Boeing 757 plane, with three crew members on board, was forced to make an emergency landing at the Chattanooga Regional Airport, Tennessee. In the recording it is observed how The plane releases a large amount of sparks upon landing.

The incident occurred when the landing gear did not deploy properly shortly after takeoff, the Chattanooga Fire Department said in a statement.

The plane's crew flew in circles before deciding to descend and, due to the speed, stopped beyond the runway in a maneuver that forced the machinery to release the sparks visible in the video. The Boeing 757 ended up in an area safety, avoiding further damage.

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The authorities clarified that the sparks seen were not the product of a fire and that there was only smoke emanation from the engines.

Pilot recognition

The Fire Department praised the quick and effective response of the pilot and airport personnel, as well as the coordination of all response agencies involved.

"Great job by the pilot and airport staff, as well as all responding agencies for their coordinated efforts," they stated.

A FedEx spokesperson told media that the flight from Chattanooga to Memphis experienced a landing gear issue just after takeoff. The National Transportation Safety Board has announced that it is investigating the incident, describing it as a "landing with the gear folded." They highlighted the presence of sparks during the maneuver did not represent a threat to the success of the operation.

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As a result of the crash landing, Chattanooga Airport temporarily closed its main runway, affecting some flight schedules in the region.

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