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The French elections this Sunday will decide who will be the president of the republic for the next five years. This video collects some important data about the feelings of the citizens of the Gallic country and that can influence voters. After the first round, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the two candidates chosen to compete for the Elysee. But the participation, although it did not sink, was the lowest in this first part of the elections since 2002. The young vote has been one of the main demobilized due to its disenchantment with politics; It is one of the main electoral objectives that are being disputed these days by both the current president and the far-right candidate. What does the French population think? What factors can lead the vote to one side or the other? In the video that accompanies this news some of the keys are given to understand the context surrounding the election day this Sunday.

Apart from the abstention, another factor that can multiply the number of undecided is that the only candidate from the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, was on the verge of being among the first two. The 20% of the vote that he managed to gather is now torn between voting for Le Pen, Macron or staying at home. In Le Pen’s favour, the anti-system vote and discontent with the management and figure of the current French president plays. Against Le Pen, the ideological factors that collide with the extreme right speech of the candidate for National Regrouping play. In the last elections of 2017, an important part of those who supported Mélenchon in the first round, decided not to vote for any candidate in the second. Thus, the proposals aimed at the environment and the increase in renewable energies that Macron has pronounced in recent weeks may be with a clear intention of attracting that part of the electorate.

What worries the citizens of France? What is the economic situation of the country? All these responses are part of the video and help to understand the data that may have the greatest influence on this Sunday’s voting and, above all, on the group of those who are still undecided. The polls favor Macron, although not by much: Le Pen enjoys 45% support.

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