VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme silences separation rumors with a romantic dance with his wife


It is becoming more and more common for the vocalist of Firm Group, Eduin Caz is involved in scandals, and this time he is again starring in one in his personal life, this after a famous influencer named Holy MilkHouse confirmed that Eduin Caz and his wife Daisy Anahy were separated.

But this rumor lost strength after the leader of Grupo Firme himself was the one who denied this information through his social networks. Without giving further explanations, Eduin Caz assured that “he did not leave her, nor did they leave him” and much less “has a lover” for which he closed the issue of the alleged separation.

After these rumors, the interpreter of “El Toxico” has shared several stories on his official Instagram account in the company of the mother of his children. And it is that Eduin Caz, his wife Daysi and their children were invited to the birthday party of the son of another famous group, there Eduin and his wife were very much in love and showing affection at all times.

After the children’s celebration time ended, the party continued where adults enjoy the moment so the Sinaloa band could not miss, which made all the attendees dance, including Eduin and Daisy.

So the couple got into romantic mode and began to dance very close together to the song called “Mi Mayor Anhelo”, made famous by La Banda MS with the voice of Julión Álvarez. In the story shared by Daisy Anahy on her official Instagram account, the mother of Eduin Caz’s children implies that her greatest desire is the singer because she tagged him with hearts.

It should be noted that, Although Eduin Caz revealed that he was not separated from his wife, so far she has not confirmed or denied the information which he allegedly gave with her permission, his friend the influencer known as Holy Mulk House.

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