Video | Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran? This is what we know

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Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese footballer at the club Al Nassr of Saudi football, was allegedly sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran for the crime of adultery, after during his team's visit to Tehran to play in the Asian Champions League, hugged a single womanan action punishable in the Middle Eastern country, according to the media after the statements of the local network Sharq Emroz.

In a video circulating on social networks, you can see the visit of the soccer star to the Iranian painter Fátima Hamami, a fan of the Portuguese and who suffers from paralysis, and to whom, as a thank you for her paintings, hugged and kissed on the forehead innocently. However, hugging a single woman is considered adultery in irana legally punishable crime.

According to the television network, a large number of local lawyers filed complaints against the Portuguese for the gesture, which allegedly led to the sentence of 99 lasheswhich, they stated could be executed in their next visit to the country.

However, at the moment There is no official statement from Iran, the team or Cristiano himself to confirm the statements made early Friday morning.

For its part, the Iranian Embassy in Spain ha “flatly” denied the issuance of “any judicial ruling against any international athlete in Iran.”

“It is a matter of concern that the publication of such unfounded news can overshadow crimes against humanity and war crimes against the oppressed Palestinian nation,” continues the embassy's publication on its official account. x.

His sincere and human meeting with Fatemeh Hamami was also praised and admired by both the people and the country's sports authorities“said the statement, accompanied by a photo of the footballer hugging the artist.

Despite the official status of the Spanish embassy, ​​until there is a position from either the Al Nassr club, the footballer, of Portuguese nationality and residence in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, The veracity of a possible conviction and its respective punishment is based merely on speculation born from unofficial sources..

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