Video: Coup to the narco, they destroy “monsters” of the Northeast Cartel and the Gulf Cartel


The Mexican prosecutor’s office destroyed 10 handmade armored vehiclesof the so-calledmonsters”, which were confiscated, after investigations by the Mexican police for cases related to criminal acts in the border Come in Mexico and the United States. The vans and cars belonged to the Northeast Cartel (CDN) and the Gulf Cartel (CDG) operating in the state of Tamaulipason the border with Texas.

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These actions were carried out in the facilities of the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) in Tamaulipas, with the support of some elements of the Mexican Army. The units were seized in Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and other municipalities of Tamaulipas, an area controlled by the Gulf Cartel, the Northeast Cartel and some cells of the defunct Zeta cartel.

Narcos got the idea of ​​Mad Max

In the midst of the war that the government of Felipe Calderon declared to drug trafficking in 2009, and from the constant clashes between cartels, to the bosses they thought of creating their own tanks: They are trailers and vans stolen and modified with a handmade armor. However, eight years earlier it was already known that there were narco units with adaptations similar to the tanks used in wars.

In January of this 2022, the authorities also confiscated “monster” trucks during an operation in Nuevo Laredo. The monster trucks became popular in 2001, when military They dismantled a mechanical workshop of the Zetas cartel.

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