VIDEO: Christian Nodal sings to Belinda the most romantic melody of Joan Sebastian

The Mexican singer, Christian Nodal turned 23 years old and the Spanish Belinda organized a spectacular party for him full of surprises, gifts and amenities for the Sonoran musician to enjoy as well as his guests.

And although the celebration was enlivened by the group of "agricultural rock" Never Never, the famous did not miss the opportunity to take the microphone and perform some songs.

One of the songs that Nodal sang during the night was “Eso y más”, a famous piece in the voice of the late singer Joan Sebastián and whose stanzas and verses highlight beautiful words.

Nodal shocked the guests, but especially his fiancee, because in a video broadcast on social networks you can see how the young man dedicates the romantic theme to Belinda. In the recording it is observed how Christian goes to where his beautiful fiancée is sitting, there he sings in front of her and also touches her face while looking at her with eyes of love.

It is a song that Joan Sebastian made famous in 2006 and is part of his album. At the beginning of the song, the so-called “people's poet” mentions some verses where he refers to all the love that can be felt for a person.

It should be noted that another of the artists who interprets the song is Alejandro Fernández, “El Potrillo”, “Eso y más” is part of his album “Made in Mexico” of 2020, and as a tribute he refers to the author of the lyrics and He mentions that he is the greatest composer of all time.

Message for your fans in Honduras

Now, after celebrating his 23rd birthday, the singer caused a stir in the people of Honduras, as he confirmed a date in that country. Belinda's future husband sent a nice message to his fans inviting them to attend the event.

Belinda's future husband took advantage of his social networks to upload a video where he sent a warm message to his fans in Tegucigalpa to confirm the date on which he will perform in Honduras and incidentally invite them to not miss the party that will be his event .

"My people from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, send you a big hug. Here comes Christian Nodal to greet you and invite you to this February 18 to not miss the party that we are going to have at night "Said the interpreter of "Of the kisses that I gave you" in a video on TikTok.

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