VIDEO: Chivas players defend a “spontaneous” boy who entered the field to greet his idols

At the end of the Mexican Classic between Chivas and America that was played in the United States this Sunday, an event arose that caught the attention of Internet users, since it was recorded on video and spread on social networks. It is about a boy who managed to “sneak” onto the field with the illusion of greeting his rojiblanco idols, who avoided any possible abuse by the security elements by removing him from the field, since they got in the way.

In the clip you can see that the child arrives jumping for joy to the area where Jesús Orozco is; Almost immediately the security elements approached to take the little boy, but Luis Olivas, like “Chiquete” and other rojiblancos members, get in the way and they argue for a few seconds with the guards, who seem to be warning them to treat him well. At that momentOrozco gives his shirt to the fan and someone else in the Chivas uniform escorts him a few meters while they take it away.

At the end of the video, you see the child returning to the stands, jumping and bursting with joy at the red-and-white trophy that he carries in his right hand. He then jumps over the fence, stands on it and raises his arms to a standing ovation. before being reunited with his family.

“Just as we criticized them, I applaud the attitude of the #Chivas players here. It is due to them, to that hobby that is still there despite the fact that they are worth improving…”, wrote Agustín Jiménez, an Internet user who shared the video and reflected the general feeling of the chivahermanos for this action.

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