VIDEO: Belinda sings a heartbreaking hit by Alejandro Fernández in a bar. Did you remember Christian Nodal?


The former couple made up of Belinda Y Christian Nodal It does not stop causing a stir among the fans, so this time the Spanish was captured in a bar in Spain, in the images you can see the way in which she interprets the song “Like who loses a star”, famous in the voice by Alejandro Fernández and a hymn for broken hearts.

This establishment was full of people who took advantage of the moment to record the moment they were witnessing with their cell phones, The singer delighted people with her voice and praised her taste for Mexican music when she was caught singing the melody that launched Alejandro Fernández to stardom“Like someone who loses a star”, he is seen performing at the top of his lungs in the video that is making the rounds on TikTok.

Although at no time in the recording Belinda mentions that her interpretation is dedicated to her ex Christian Nodal, various fans began to speak out on social networks and mentioned that Due to the passion with which she sang, it could have been for the one who until the beginning of the year was thought to be her husband, since they were engaged to be married.

Belinda is currently living in Spain, after living much of her life in Mexico, she decided to settle in her country of origin.moved for work since she is part of the series “Welcome to Eden” where she plays the character of “Africa”, a famous influencer.

While Christian Nodal has followed his life and career in Mexico, he travels to cities to bring his music, It should be remembered that he was recently involved in a controversy with J Balvin that ended in a song and apologies from both.

Also, the interpreter of “Goodbye love” was romantically related to Cazzuan Argentine rapper, but later she denied being involved in a romantic situation.

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