VIDEO. Around the world, thousands protest against the bombing of a hospital in Palestine

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In a wave of anger sparked by an airstrike on a Gaza hospital that left At least 200 Palestinians dead, violent protests broke out in several cities in the Arab world. Demonstrations spread from Jordan to Turkey, expressing outrage at the escalating violence in the region.

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In Jordan, security forces dispersed a group of protesters who tried to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman. Despite initial rumors about the assault, an official security source denied the attack and confirmed that the protesters were expelled from the embassy surroundings. However, it was reported that they burned car wheels as a sign of their discontent.

In Tunisia, around 2 thousand people demonstrated in front of the French Embassy in Tunisia, demanding the dismissal of the French ambassador and the American ambassador due to their support for Israel.

The largest protests were reported in Istanbul, Turkey. A crowd carrying pro-Palestinian flags and banners gathered in front of the Israeli consulate, gaining entry after breaching a police barricade. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack on the hospital in Gaza and called Israel's attacks lacking basic human values.

Israel's National Security Council issued a warning to Israelis in Turkey, urging them to leave the country due to the risk of attacks. In Beirut, Lebanon, security forces cut off access to the US embassy due to incidents. In the Lebanese capital, in front of the French Embassy, ​​some protesters threw stones at the building amid the deployment of riot forces.

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In New York, another massive demonstration filled the streets of the city. Pro-Palestine attendees burned Israeli flags.

The international community observes with concern the escalation of tensions in the region and calls for calm and dialogue to seek a peaceful solution to this conflict that has already claimed numerous lives.


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