Video: Anuel AA shows inside his incredible apartment full of waste and many luxuries

Anuel AA, urban genre singer.

Photo: Cindy Ord. /Getty Images

The singer Anuel AA, who is characterized by his eccentricities and scandals, turned to his Instagram Stories to give his followers a taste of his incredible apartment where waste and luxuries are the order of the day.

Through a video, lasting a few seconds, the former de Yailin He showed us the great amenities that he has in the place he calls home and that is located inside the Porsche Design Towerin Sunny Isles Beach, one of the most exclusive residential building towers in Florida and in which you could be a neighbor of the very Lionel Messi.

Thanks to this material, we were able to notice that his apartment has glass walls with smart blinds and an incredible terrace with all kinds of furniture, which allows him to wake up and fall asleep with enviable views of the sea, as it is located on the shores of the beach. .

He also showed us off his baseball skills, having his own batter's box in one of the rooms.

It also has three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a half bathroom, hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, games room, billiards room, movie theater, terrace, laundry room, garage, among others. bedrooms.

In the common areas, Anuel AA enjoys terraces, three swimming pools with their respective spa area, private cabins, spa service, gym, restaurant, private access to the beach, among other amenities.

The apartment was bought, in April 2019, by the artist after disbursing $6,250,000 dollars.

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