VIDEO: Ángela Aguilar reveals the reason why Pepe Aguilar scolds her the most: “I was always very flirtatious”


After what Angela Aguilar was involved in a tremendous controversy due to her alleged relationship with the Mexican composer Gussy Lau, the young American has shone on social networks, where in addition to sharing a little of her family vacations in Europe, She has been very active uploading photos and videos of her presentations in the United States with the “Mexicana Enamorada” Tour..

After this, her fans have shown her their full support, making it clear that her talent has nothing to do with her personal life, which must be private and satisfying for her.

However, after the controversial statements of Pepe Aguilar in which he promised to later give his position regarding the photographs that went viral of his daughter with Gussy Lausome followers of the Aguilar Dynasty have viralized an old interview, in which Angela reveals that her father scolded her for being so flirty.

in the clip, Ángela Aguilar points out that she has never been a girlfriend, although her charisma and beauty made her popular at school, especially on February 14date in which he arrived with many gifts and letters to his home, which evidently aroused the protective instinct in his father.

“Girlfriend, girlfriend I never was, more than anything I was like a flirt and my dad scolded me a lot. On Valentine’s Day I was ‘the girl’ at school, so the letters and the flowers and the chocolates came to me, you know, in the locker and my dad was like ‘who gave you that?’

Angela Aguilar

In this way, Ángela Aguilar assured that as she grew older she was more selective with the subjects who wanted hersince as she matured she realized that it was important to take into account what was convenient for her, who she liked and how they treated her.

But also She stressed that it is very important for her that her suitors treat her family well, which possibly explains why Ángela Aguilar ended up dating Gussy Lau.who, as we showed you previously, lived very closely with the Aguilar Dynasty thanks to the projects they shared with the composer.

The interpreter of ‘Tell me how you want’ also assured that since she was a child she was used to her father, mother and all her close circle telling her that she was very prettyfor which she felt flattered with the attention, without this meaning that she gave wings to the boys who aspired to go out with her.

“I was always very flirtatious, you know what… I got used to my dad telling me that I was very pretty, so it’s nice to hear that everyone tells you that, but I never was, I never was.”Angela Aguilar

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