VIDEO: Ángela Aguilar confesses that she fell in love with Pablo Montero and William Levy

american singer Angela Aguilar He continues to make confessions about his life that have the public on the lookout for each of his statements 24/7. And it is that the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilarthis time it was not measured with the revelation he made, Well, she announced that she was in love with two famous gallants.

Through an interview they did for a special called “Family Heritage: The Aguilars”, the renowned artists talked a little about everything, both professional and personal, which caused several fans to feel identified. .

Among the unpublished information released, The so-called “Princess of the Mexican Regional”, did not hold back when talking about the loves she has had with only 18 years of age.

And it is difficult to think that Angela has had time to fall in lovebecause despite her youth, from a very young age she ventured into Mexican music, and that has caused her time to be practically dedicated to singing.

But it seems This theory would lose force after the smallest of the Aguilars announced that From a very young age she was in love with the leading man of telenovelas, the Cuban William Levy.

The protagonist of “Beware of the Angel” and Sortilegio was not the only one who stole the heart of the interpreter of “He disguised himself”, so did a renowned Mexican music singer, and no, it’s not Christian Nodal, it’s nothing more and nothing less than Pablo Montero: “And Pablo Montero too, I was about eight years old, and I said I’m going to sing and it will be the best”.

Given this, Pablo Montero, who is currently recording the controversial unauthorized bioseries of Don Vicente Fernández “The Last King”, watched the interview and thanked Ángela for her words As well as his famous father whom he also considers a great friend, he made it known through his social networks with a fragment of the interview and a message: “I love you mate. Thank you Angela.”

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