Video analysis | Will the new Government of Peru endure the political crisis? | Videos

The new president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, has come to power in the country with the mission of overcoming the institutional crisis that reached its peak with the coup attempt by her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, this Wednesday. The president must form her ministerial cabinet in the coming days. The names announced will make it possible to take the pulse of her government’s orientation and estimate the chances that the country will finally experience a period of political stability under a new leadership. In this video you can see the main challenges that the first woman president of Peru will face to stay in power until the end of the legislature.

According to Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, professor of Political Economy of Development at the University of Oxford and Public Agenda analyst, the main objective of the Peruvian national forces is to maintain the stability of the country. This means that Boluarte must have political and military support to finish his legislature in 2026. “First of all, because the country comes from a year of great economic and social instability. Secondly, because it already seems to be a policy with a greater capacity to create and seek consensus. Lastly, the country already has experience of being governed by a vice president”, affirms the Public Agenda analyst.