Video analysis | Who benefits from a long war in Ukraine? | Videos


The war unleashed in Ukraine after the Russian invasion on February 24 has already exceeded two months, after the failure of an initial lightning offensive. Although it is difficult to make predictions about its development, the probability that the conflict will continue over time and Russia will carry out a war of attrition is great. It should be remembered that this conflict dates back to 2014 after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, although with a very different dimension to the current one. In this context, it is interesting to ask how the prolongation of the conflict can affect its main actors.

In the video that accompanies this news item, the global affairs correspondent for EL PAÍS, Andrea Rizzi, analyzes how a longer conflict would affect the different international actors participating in this war, both those directly involved, Russia and Ukraine, and the indirect: Europe, the United States or China. In the case of Ukraine, the consequences are more obvious: they would continue the current path of mass destruction, civilian suffering and a collapse of the economy. But even if Vladimir Putin proudly displays warmongering rhetoric at Victory Day celebrations, how would a prolonged conflict affect the Russian military? And to the economy of your country? A lot is also at stake on the other side of the Atlantic: can a prolongation of the conflict help the United States find another geostrategic position in the global market? And what about China, Russia’s great partner, at least economically, in this conflict? How could the lack of economic stability caused by the war affect Beijing? .

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