Video analysis of the elections in the United States | Is Trump coming back? | Videos

The partial scrutiny of the mid-term elections in the United States gives the Republicans an advantage -albeit by the slightest- in the House of Representatives (it is renewed in its entirety) and leaves the composition of the Senate still up in the air (it elects a third of its members), where until now the Democratic and Republican seats were distributed 50% (the tiebreaker vote corresponded to the president of the House, Vice President Kamala Harris). A result with which the Democrats have lost less than they expected, containing a red wave Republican that has not become a tsunami; and with which the Republicans achieve a majority in the House of Representatives. But how do these elections change the course of those that will take place in 2024? What is the future of Donald Trump and the Republican Party? What profiles are running to lead both parties? In this video, Vicente Palacio, a political analyst at Fundación Alternativas and a contributor to Agenda Pública, takes stock of the elections in the United States.

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