Video analysis | Javier Solana, on the war in Ukraine: “China does not have to side with Russia” | Videos

The military offensive that Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched against Ukraine nearly a month ago is taking longer than expected for Kremlin forces. In the video analysis that accompanies this news item, the president of ESADE’s Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, Javier Solana, reflects on the scenarios that can be glimpsed given the circumstances in which the war is unfolding: with climate change putting pressure on the search for of global solutions and a pandemic that has not yet subsided.

Among other things, Solana raises the role that China can play in the conflict. Xi Jinping has always presented himself as Putin’s best ally to save Russia from the economic suffocation to which the sanctions imposed by the West have led – from the closure of airspace to Russian airlines to the partial expulsion of Russia from the international payment platform SWIFT—but can the Asian country contribute to the de-escalation of the military campaign, instead of increasing it?

In addition to the possible intermediation of China between the two states at war, the video explores the possibility that the conflict begins to generate some discontent among the Kremlin’s own ranks. The Russian military campaign is not turning out as the Russian leader initially imagined, and psychological exhaustion can also take its toll on the people of the invading country, who could gradually dissociate themselves from a war that they do not feel as their own. Whether or not this could be enough to stop the escalation is still unknown. For the time being, the moral and economic wear and tear has not prevented the attacks from intensifying, all of this despite the progress made in the negotiations with the Ukrainian leader, Volodimir Zelensky.

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