VIDEO: Ana Bárbara suffers a spectacular fall for trying to look sexy on TikTok

The famous Mexican singer, Ana Bárbara, continues to establish herself as one of the most important stars of the Mexican regional. With more than twenty years of experience, the native of San Luis Potosí has ​​made the public dance with songs like “Bandido” “Loca” and “La Trampa”.

The grupera performer has been very successful with his own compositions that have even been interpreted by artists such as Ángela Aguilar, Gloria Trevi, Thalía and Christian Nodal.

But this has allowed him to maintain an impressive figure thanks to constant discipline in the gym, which at 51 years old allows him to show off a mini waist and a well-defined abdomen. The singer does not hesitate to share her exercise routines with her followers and her posts on TikTok and Instagram are constant.

Along with his great family, Ana Barbara He shares aspects of his day-to-day life and the excellent relationship he has with his children. The singer is very funny and friendly and even knows how to laugh at herself, showing that, if there is something that characterizes her besides her talent, it is her great sense of humor.

In the TikTok social network it is observed that the “Queen Grupera” tried to make a risky pose for the camera; however, due to the poor balance she had on the small table she was leaning on, she could not avoid the fall. Although it did not happen to adults and the accident was left for the anecdote and has achieved thousands of reproductions, as well as ridicule towards the renowned interpreter.

Your best kept secret to get love

Ana Bárbara once again raised the temperature with one of her stories on Instagram now to celebrate the arrival of 2022, where she revealed one of her intimate secrets to “ensure” that one of the most requested wishes around the world is fulfilled.

On this occasion he showed his “amulet” with which it is almost certain that he will fulfill his mission because of how peculiar it is and that it is one of the most requested tastes by men and women alike.

The daughter of Don Antero Ugalde showed a sensual garment that is placed in the most intimate part of any person, it is a pair of red panties with which it is ensured that it is possible to achieve the desired love of a couple that most of people always make their 12 wishes when it is the first chimes of the New Year.

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