VIDEO: Adal Ramones is alone and stranded in Madrid living his contagion by COVID

The covid does not respect ranks, genders or items, and the proof is that the world of Hispanic entertainment has been a victim on several occasions, and this time it once again attacked one of the most controversial drivers, the Mexican Adal Ramones, who, despite the multiple measures he has taken, was not saved from this virus that has caused more than 5 million deaths around the world.

Given this, the native of Monterrey, revealed through his Instagram account, through a couple of videos in which he confirmed that he tested positive for Covid-19.

In front of his millions of followers, The driver of Otro Rollo reported that he is isolated outside of Mexico since he made a trip for work reasons and was stuck abroad.

In a first video, the comedian shared a video in which he recounted his experience after making a trip from Mexico City to Madrid, Spain, where he would have an important meeting about the film.

Unfortunately, upon arrival in Europe, Adal Ramones tested positive for the new Covid-19 coronavirus, which caused his meetings to be held virtually, but he highlighted the professionalism of his colleagues.

A few moments ago, through the same social network, Adal Ramones shared a video in which he said that fortunately he has not developed complicated symptoms, because he has his complete vaccination schedule.

“Alone and with COVID in Madrid. Few or almost no symptoms wrote on his Instagram account.

Before the announcement, figures from the entertainment world such as Omar Chaparro and César Lozano wished him a speedy recovery. In addition, they applauded his good sense of humor in the face of the complicated moment of health.

A few months ago, the show host, Alex Kaffie said that Adal Ramones had a resounding failure in a play because he sold few tickets, reason why the fans of the entertainment world speculated on the possibility that he was experiencing a bad economic moment.

Despite the rumours, the driver remains current on social networks and in the coming months he will star in a new movie or at least he hinted at it in his recent publication.

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