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Europe meets in Granada. The EU summit is committed to advancing a complex agenda. EL PAÍS and Cadena SER analyze some of the central issues of the debate. A one-hour program that will answer the key questions that European leaders have on the summit table. Should the European Union expand towards the Balkans? How to carry out the expansion? Should we rethink support for Ukraine? How to address migratory flows? Along with these topics, the program asks how the United Kingdom lives apart from the EU. More than three years have passed since Brexit and there are more and more demonstrations calling for re-entry into the European club. Pablo Morán, Nico Castellanos, Andrea Rizzi, Marc Bassets, Ruth Ferrero, Francisco José Gan Pampols, Luis de Vega and Rafa de Miguel, among others, participate in the program.

The program can be seen on the EL PAÍS website and its YouTube channel. It will also be broadcast on the Huffpost and newspaper websites ACE. Viewers who have SMART TV or have the Tivify application will also be able to watch it on the EL PAÍS channel.

The EL PAÍS television channel is available in the Tivify television platform application and can also be seen on all Samsung, LG and Xiaomi brand televisions. The Tivify application can be downloaded on any mobile device, tablet, computer or SMART TV from the main brands. The EL PAÍS Channel is on dial 163, although it may appear highlighted on the platform's home page. The Tivify app is available for free in all app stores for SMART TVs and mobile devices and is compatible with IOS and Android. In addition to watching the channel live, in Tivify you can also retrieve EL PAÍS content on demand, to enjoy it at any time.

In addition to Tivify, SMART TVs from Samsung, LG and Xiaomi incorporate their own free streaming television channel services. There you can also find the El País channel. Access to this application is in the applications menu that comes installed on each television. EL PAÍS can be found on channel 4318 of Samsung TV plus, channel 124 of LG and channel 546 of Xiaomi.

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