Video: 8 assassins who killed an entire family with four children fall


Los Rikis are the assassins who massacred a Mexican family.

Photo: Mexico State Prosecutor’s Office and @blogdelnarcomx / Courtesy

The mexican police arrested eight assassins what they killed a whole familyincluding four kidsin the municipality of Tultepec, in the center of the country. Among those arrested is Ricky Angel, aka Rickycriminal cell leader the Rikisdedicated to drug dealing. This subject was the one who gave the order to execute one of the members of the family, who was in a position to povertyaccording to the investigations of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

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The seven accomplices of Ricky were identified as Víctor Manuel “N”, Juan Jesús or Juan José “N”, José Luis “N”, Jorge Antonio “N” and Neri Dayami “N”; as well as two minors. The police confiscated weapons and marijuana, then transferred them to the Ministry, where their legal situation will be resolved.

Mexican media indicate that Ricky Ángel is related to two more homicides and that is why he has two arrest warrants against him since 2021. In addition, the Prosecutor of the State of Mexico On April 12, he arrested Jonathan Iván “N”, alias el güero Simpson, who was allegedly one of the main operators of the same gang.

What happened on April 12? The assassins entered they shot all the adults and then they killed all the minors so that there would be no witnesses to the crime. On Twitter, a series of photographs circulated with the bloody bodies of the children on their beds.

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