Victor Osimhen ends the controversy with Naples

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He Naples attacker Victor Osimhen published a statement this Sunday for defend your club of the accusations of racismespecially heard in Nigeriaafter the publication of a video on the TikTok account of the team that was interpreted as a mockery towards him.

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Coming to Naples in 2020 was a wonderful decision, the Neapolitan people have shown me so much love and kindness that I would not allow anyone to come between them and me," he wrote.

Osimhen was splashed at the beginning of the week by a controversy when his clubcurrent champion of Italy, He published a video on TikTok in which he joked about a penalty missed by the player last Sunday before the Bologna (0-0). The video was later deleted.

"The accusation against the people of Naples is false. I have many Neapolitan friends who are now part of my family and my daily life"he added.

I thank Nigerians and everyone who has supported me and sent messages. We support unity, respect and understanding," added the top scorer of the last Serie A.

Osimhen He also removed from his social networks almost all the photos showing himself with the Naples shirtwhile the controversy over the video was in force, until before this weekend.

Before the current season, Osimhen's name was mentioned as a possible signing by several European greats and even a Saudi club.but finally chose to continue in Naples.

This season, Osimhen accumulates five goals so far in Serie A, one of them on Saturday in the 4-0 victory in Leccewhich propelled the Naples to third place in the classification.

On Friday, Napoli had issued a statement in which he clarified that "He never wanted to offend or mock Victor Osimhen".


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