Víctor Garcés will have a hearing before a federal judge | Tweet


Victor Garces will have his hearing in front of a federal judge no later than this end of this week. The former director of Cruz Azul is signaled by “crimes of organized crime with resources of illicit origin”according to official documents.

Garces He was arrested last week at the Mexico City, because he had an arrest warrant, for “false statements”in a case of “It’s about people.” This Saturday morning he was taken to prison and will be in the Northern Preventive Men’s Prison for at least a month, while the investigation is over.

Now from the Northern Preventive Men’s Prisonthe former director of Machine must attend a virtual hearingto know their legal situation and answer for the accusations.

Garces Espinosa is in the middle of a case in which it was pointed out to William ‘Billy’ Alvarez and other of his partners, for his operation at the command of the Blue Cross Cooperative. The Mexican was fugitive since 2020 for the federal authorities and since 2018 for the Mexico City.

Blue Cross managed to distance himself from his former directors, thanks to the change of company name and coat of arms of the team, now all the rights of the club are part of the Blue Cross Cooperative.

(With information from ESPN)

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