Vicky Araico in double competition at the FICM

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For years, most the female characters in novels and films made in our country They were dependent on the story of a male character and, from his point of view, detonate everything we saw on the screen. However, within the industry a movement has been generated that seeks to give women the place they deserve on screen and within productions.

In interview for Excelsiorthe actress Vicky Araico He shares with us how the narratives in Latin American projects have begun to change.

“Let's take as an example a scene where a woman is being abused. For years it was presented to us as an erotic act because it was narrated from the male vision and not from the pain, struggle and desperation of the violated woman. “That narrative reached thousands of men who were left with the idea that she was deep down enjoying it.”

“We are experiencing a very important moment in the industry for women. Now there are more productions that review the scripts in detail to be more diverse with the characters and give relevance to female perspectives in the development of the story. I know that there is still a long way to go before some aspects that do not favor equality and diversity are eliminated, but progress is being made in the right direction, we just have to be careful not to take steps backwards.”he added.

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For the winner of two Metropolitan awards, the most recent for Best Supporting Actress, advancing in the industry has been a challenge that she has overcome with dedication, discipline, courage and dedication.

“During a New Year's dinner, my father told me that I had tried enough, that it was time to return to my law career. At that moment something inside me lit up and I decided to raise all my money to finance a monologue that, without imagining, would be the one that would give me the recognition that would later open up more opportunities for me.”

The cinema portrays the current situation in Mexico

Vicky Araico is part of the cast of the next movie Amat Escalante, project in which he will portray a situation that causes pain to hundreds of families in our country.

“My character is involved in a disappearance, and from there we are going to be participants in a story that shows the pain and difficulties faced by the thousands of people who today are tirelessly searching for that family member who one day will no longer be there.” Homecoming"

“Working with Amat Escalante showed me that there are work dynamics in which it is not necessary to exert pressure or shout to make things happen. "I loved the way in which he directs his work team with a serenity that is admirable and without a doubt it is one of the many things that leaves me professionally and personally Lost in the night."he commented.

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Araico will be present at the Morelia International Film Festival with two films in competition: Latido de Katina Medina Mora and Disappear Completely, a supernatural thriller by Luis Javier Henaine.

"I am very happy that part of my work is presented in one of the most important film festivals in the world. It is a motivation to continue paving the way, especially because these are my first forays into this art. Furthermore, I believe that each of the stories have several lines with which the public will be able to connect and reflect on the topics that are addressed in them, so I invite you not to ignore them if you have the opportunity to see them"he concluded.

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