Vicarious violence, another form of violence against women: IBD

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In recent years, violence against women has diversified, giving rise to phenomena such as vicarious violence, a type of violence that is carried out against women using their sons, daughters, elderly or disabled people, pets or property, causing harm to them or threatening to do something to the detriment of those to make the woman suffer, according to a study carried out by the General Directorate of Legislative Analysis of the Belisario DomĂ­nguez Institute (IBD).

The research “Vicarious violence: Actions from the federal and local legislature for its prevention and eradication”, prepared by researcher Carla Angélica Gómez Macfarland, points out that some of the most common examples of this type of violence are threatening mothers with taking custody of their children. girls and boys, take them away or even hurt them.

It is also common for the presence of the sons and daughters to be taken advantage of to insult the mother, speak ill of her, humiliate her and threaten and interrupt the children's medical or pharmacological treatments.

According to the IBD study, vicarious violence has increased in recent years, taking into account the behavior of family violence, which between 2021 and 2022, registered an increase of 14.09% in the number of victims. In this last year, 22,904 minor victims of family violence were counted.

The investigation highlights that in recent years various laws have been reformed to address this problem. Currently, the National Code of Civil and Family Procedures recognizes vicarious violence as a type of violence against women and orders protection measures for victims.

Additionally, in the LXV Legislature, 38 reform initiatives have been presented to secondary laws related to vicarious violence, among them to incorporate this concept in the General Law of Women's Access to a Life Free of Violence and the Federal Civil Code.

At the state level, vicarious violence is regulated in more than 60 local ordinances.

The research concludes by pointing out that it is necessary to address the sanction of this type of violence not only from a gender perspective but from a focus on the principle of the best interests of girls, boys and adolescents.

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