Vianey Esquinca- Word of Honor

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Nothing undermines confidence more in a person who gives his word and does not keep it. “Giving the word” is very important to strengthen or not, credibility and reputation; It is putting dignity and honorability in pledge.

Therefore, using the word as a sign of commitment can be fantastic or lethal. The danger involved in not complying with the informal, but powerful contract, forces us not to abuse this resource.

This is even more important and delicate if it comes to politicians, who love to promise and give their word and then forget it or change it because their affections changed or they had to “give their word” to someone who better suited their interests.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He has worn out his word so much since he began his mandate, that today when he seeks to pledge it, he already has expired tickets. That happened with the discussion about the disappearance of 13 of the 14 trusts of the Judicial Branch. The narrative of the president and his party is that they eliminate them to suppress the privileges of “high officials” and that this money could be used for poor families. None of this speech is true, workers' benefits would be affected and they want those resources to complete their pharaonic works.

On October 19, in what seemed like a desperate attempt to speak to the workers, he said: “Let the workers (of the Judiciary) be aware that they are not going to be harmed in anything. “It is my word and I am a man of my word and commitments are fulfilled.”

His words had no effect, they did not believe him and the workers went on a national strike.

From the beginning, Lopez Obrador He boasted of being a man of his word. That was even his message in the dissemination campaign within the framework of his first government report: “It's not to brag, I am a man of my word.”

Little by little it has been seen, however, that his word is flexible and accommodating.

When he took office he promised a true rule of law and that nothing outside the law and no one above the law. In fact, he has been the main violator of the Constitution. Even now he changed his speech and said: “Don't tell me that story that the law is the law.”

He noted that “the elections will be clean and free. "Those who buy votes or traffic in people's poverty will go to jail without the right to bail." It has been his party and his officials who have gone from house to house pointing out that if the opposition wins, social programs will be eliminated. They are the real traffickers.

Also on December 1, 2018, he noted: “Even if it is not heard well and far away, we are going to put the country in debt.” However, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, the Chamber of Deputies authorized the federal government to go into debt for almost two billion pesos next year to complete the priority works of this government. A historic figure.

He gave his word that he would not allow “anyone to take advantage of his position or position to steal assets from the treasury or do business under the protection of public power. This applies to friends, it applies to fellow fighters and family members.” Corruption scandals like that of Segalmex, unbidden works, consenting suppliers, even suspicions about their children say something else.

Of course we no longer talk about his commitment that there would be free medicines throughout the country and the health system would be like that of Denmark or that the country would be pacified and violence would end. Words that were carried away by the wind.

Perhaps the Mexican peso is very strong, but what has been devalued in this six-year term is the word of the Executive.

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