Vianey Esquinca- The past haunts them

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At election time, politicians who have raised their hands to compete for a candidacy are facing their reputations, the image they have built over time and that reaches them today.

It is the case of Sandra Cuevas, who wants to be the candidate of the Frente Amplio por México for the Head of Government of CDMX. It is common that when she is interviewed by the media they ask her about her brand name clothing and accessories. The main question she has been asked is that the cost of her clothing does not match her income as mayor, now on leave. Yeah caves has a government plan for the City, this takes a backseat.

During his government, caves He showed that first dead than simple; Perhaps she did not realize that boasting, some would say, boasting, others, is marking her aspirations. Her answers like hers don't help her either: “I like money,” “I spend everything,” “I buy my clothes at stores.” outlets”. With that she shows that she is not a good administrator; Someone will say that she is also frivolous and that if she likes money so much, why wouldn't she grab a resource that is not hers? This happens because, when she does not take care of herself, the image she wants to project can be very different from the one that people construct.

If, for example, he wanted to generate a perception of firmness, dressing like an elite police officer was not how he was going to achieve it. What would anyone do who sees a platoon of black motorcycles arriving with subjects dressed completely in black approaching their neighborhood? Flee! What could be more anticlimactic than a campaign team whose image is a mix of police and cartel members?

In the same way, controversy pursues her. She decided to open several fronts in her government and fight with different groups. All of this leads her to position herself more as controversial and quarrelsome than as efficient and firm.

Something similar is happening to Hugo López-Gatell. There is practically no interview where they do not blame him for his disastrous handling of the pandemic, his erroneous forecasts, the mistake he made with the use of the mask, among other niceties. The undersecretary, who has no other way to respond, blames the infodemic, the media, the fact that people do not know how to add or subtract or multiply, that is, everyone is guilty except him. López-Gatell He has tried to remain even-keeled, but the passive-aggressive tone of voice betrays his deep annoyance and discomfort.

The former Secretary of Public Security, Omar García Harfuch, he is also seeing how the media is telling him: “I know what you did last six years.” The issue of Ayotzinapa and its ties with Genaro García Luna They are also present in journalistic interviews. Of course, at this point, he already knows what to answer, but he probably thinks: “how annoying it is to have a past.”

They are not the only ones. TO Rocío Nahle, who aspires to the candidacy for the governorship of Veracruz, are coming at him not only because of his birthplace, Zacatecas, but because his time as the Secretary of Energy was totally inconsequential. He will only be remembered with a white helmet giving reports of a Dos Bocas Refinery that will cost twice as much and whose oil production is behind original plans. For this reason, when on Friday the President indicated that Nahle had presented his resignation, more than one wondered why he hadn't left?

Because of their past and their scandals, many applicants prefer to have regular interviews and not go to media outlets where they know they can be questioned. However, they can be saved from the interviews, but not from their own coreligionists and friendly fire, who also know their sins.

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