Veterans promote the honor and values ​​of the H Colegio Militar

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Throughout this year, in which its Bicentennial is commemorated, the veteran members of the National Association of the Heroic Military College (ANHCM) participated in some of the more than 70 ceremonies with actions to promote the honor and values ​​that cadets should have that are formed in the flagship staff for the training of officers of the Mexican Army.

The executive president of this association, Division General José Ángel García Elizalde explained that the example of the Children Heroes, of 1847, and the Heroic Naval Military School, of 1914, is promoted during the US invasions of those years, in an interview with Francisco Zea.

“Promote and disseminate these examples of honor, courage and dignity, among all soldiers, pilots and sailors, fundamentally, in their new generations.

“The Association has to be a reference, an example, in military virtues, encourage, promote and disseminate them among military women and men as the most precious asset they possess,” explained the president of the Association.

The Board of Directors of the ANHCM is made up of its president, General García Elizalde, and his companions, also generals, Gastón Menchaca Arias, Arturo Pérez Cabello, Humberto Eduardo Antimio Miranda and Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Aduna.

“To be an organization of permanent reflection that honors the past, maintains and strengthens its traditions, and responds to the present, and looks to the future of a dignified, loyal Armed Forces at the service of the country,” said General García Elizalde.

General Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, head of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), is the supreme president of this association, which currently has 108 members.

200 years after its founding, said the general president of the ANHCM, these values ​​are instilled in the military establishment among future officers of the Army and, now also, of the National Guard.

“Education in the Military College has three axiological axes, that of military training, that of academic training and ethics, precisely, respect for those values ​​is based there, they are acquired and we know to what extent we have to act, on everything in respect for human rights,” commented General García Elizalde.


The vice president of the ANHCM, General Menchaca Arias, reported that to disseminate these values, two texts were printed, to be distributed among the new officers graduating from all the schools of the Military Educational System (SEM).

“'The Value of Values', which was authorized by the general secretary and 5 thousand copies were printed, distributed among the recently graduated students of the SEM, it was sent to the region commanders, zone commanders and other dependencies.

"A second manual, pamphlet, was made called 'Arrengas, Messages and Military Sayings', there we make a narration of sayings from Cuauhtémoc to the current secretary, with their messages that they have given," explained General Menchaca, and added that this second copy is in the process of authorization and printing.


During the invasion of 1847, Captain Domingo Alvarado was in charge of asking the cadets to withdraw from Chapultepec Castle, given the risk to their lives, due to the arrival of American troops.

The students of the Military College decided to stay to defend the premises and the capital Alvarado was then in charge of organizing the supplies for those who, with the passage of time, are recognized as the Children Heroes of Chapultepec.

In tribute to the memory of Captain Alvarado, the ANHCM is managing the creation of a medal that bears his name to recognize the best examples of the squad, reported General Antimio Miranda.

“The idea is to deliver it on the anniversary of the Association (September 8) to whoever deserves it, these are men or women from the hierarchy from second lieutenants to division general.

“And that they have distinguished themselves for special merits, such as knowing how to deal with military situations, or sports techniques that allowed them to excel, that is the reason for the medal,” explained the major general.

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