Verstappen achieves his ninth straight victory in F-1

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Max Verstappen was unfazed by the rain as he took victory at the Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday to equal Sebastian Vettel's record of nine consecutive wins in Formula One.
To the delight of his compatriots, the Red Bull star took his third consecutive victory at the Zandvoort circuit. Spaniard Fernando Alonso finished second behind the wheel of his Aston Martin and bagged the bonus point for fastest lap.
“Nine in a row is something I never contemplated. I'm really happy about that," Verstappen said. “I have a car that has the capacity to achieve many things.”
Headed for a third consecutive title, Verstappen leads the championship with an abysmal difference of 138 points over the Mexican Sergio Pérez, his Red Bull teammate.
A crowd dressed in orange cheered him on throughout the weekend.
“I got goosebumps when the national anthem played before the start. Despite the bad weather and rain, the fans continued singing. An amazing atmosphere," Verstappen said. “I'm going to enjoy this. It is a quite difficult achievement, you always carry the pressure that you have the obligation to meet expectations.
Pierre Gasly (Alpine) entered fourth behind Pérez, but the Frenchman finished third as the Mexican received a five second penalty for accelerating in pit lane.
For Gasly, who had previously received the same penalty, it was the fourth podium of his career.
“I'm hallucinating, what a race,” he said.
Pérez had to settle for fourth place, followed by Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).
The chaotic race had to be interrupted for 40 minutes due to a red flag in the final laps, displayed when Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu crashed his Alfa Romeo. It resumed on the 65th of 72 laps. It was a race full of tire changes, since the weather conditions ruined the strategies.
At the restart, Verstappen started ahead of Alonso, Pérez and Gasly. After two laps behind the safety car, Verstappen pulled away at will to head for his 11th victory of an overwhelming season.
Vettel set the record for consecutive victories in 2013, during Red Bull's first era of dominance. It was one in which the German won four titles in a row.

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