Verónica Castro reappears in a wheelchair and talks about Yolanda Andrade

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The legendary Mexican actress Verónica Castro has once again been the center of media attentionthis time appearing in a wheelchair due to a series of medical operations he has undergone.

During his recent appearance at the airport, Verónica Castro spoke about the controversy generated by Yolanda Andrade, who claimed to have maintained a romantic relationship with the iconic actress. Castro's statements shed light on the situation and his approach to the issue.

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The surprising reappearance of Verónica Castro

Verónica Castro, one of the figures most iconic and beloved of the entertainment industry in Mexico, reappeared in public in a wheelchair. The renowned actress has been out of the public eye for a while, causing concern among her followers. The reason behind the absence of it is due to a series of medical operations he has undergone.

Despite his physical condition, Verónica Castro was strong and determined to face the questions from the media present at the airport. Cameras and journalists crowded around them looking for answers about a recent controversy involving Yolanda Andrade and the latter's claims about a romantic relationship with the actress.

Verónica Castro's statements

The reappearance of Verónica Castro in a wheelchair generated great expectation, since the followers of the actress They wanted to hear his version of the events in the midst of the controversy with Yolanda Andrade. In his meeting with the media, Castro was direct and forceful in his responses.

"I have nothing to forgive, nor am I God to forgive, anyone who has to ask for forgiveness should ask for it and nothing more, I have nothing to forgive," said Verónica Castro. Her words reflected a calm and mature attitude towards the situation.

In reference to Yolanda Andrade's statements about her alleged relationship, Verónica Castro addressed the topic with elegance.

"Not hurt, but they were like jokes in their bad moment and in their bad time, but things have to be taken from who they come from and if you have to take them from a joker, then that's it," said the actress.

Verónica Castro's comment suggests that, Despite the controversy, he does not harbor any resentment towards Yolanda Andrade. Her open and understanding attitude demonstrates her desire not to allow controversy to affect her emotional well-being.

"I always bless everyone," concluded Verónica Castro, making it clear that her approach is positive and that she prefers to send good wishes to those who have been involved in controversial situations.

The controversy with Yolanda Andrade

The controversy involving Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade originated from statements made by the latter. Yolanda Andrade, television host and media figure in Mexico, He declared in the past that he had a romantic relationship with the iconic actress. These statements generated a public debate and led to a general questioning about the private life of Verónica Castro.

The reappearance of Verónica Castro in a wheelchair and her recent statements provide a fresh perspective on the situation. Her attitude of forgiveness and understanding can help calm the controversy and put an end to a debate that has lingered in the media sphere.

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