Venus in Leo: how this transit affects your zodiac sign

Venus has begun its transit through Leo this Monday, June 5 where it will remain for a long time, to be exact until October 8, a period that includes its retrograde, which means that the planet of love, beauty, values ​​and internal desires will be affected by the passionate and emboldened vibe of the lion .

What happens when Venus is in Leo? In addition to wanting public displays of affection and raising the temperature in our relationships, it makes us more courageous, confident and confident of our heart's desires, which means that in these months we must take advantage of the impulse that this transit offers us to achieve goals and goals.

Venus will begin its retrograde journey on July 22 and end on September 13., which means a time to reflect on the steps we will take from now until that date. Meanwhile it's time to be risky. How will Venus in Leo affect your zodiac sign?

During this transit, you will have good opportunities for passionate romances and good fortune in love. According to the horoscope of OhLaLá! you'll need to be on the lookout for people who show up before Venus retrogrades on July 22.

According to the Venus in Leo horoscope published on, this transit is excellent for hosting family gatherings and fun activities. It will encourage you to take the initiative mainly in your issues within the home. If you have the idea of ​​renovating your space, this is the right time.

This will be a good stage to fulfill your desires to travel or maybe move, if that's what you've been thinking. Also, you could have passionate romantic encounters mainly in the last week of the month, according to horoscopes.

This transit reminds you to be brave in prioritizing your personal values, mainly those associated with your money. You may feel like spending on luxuries and possessions, however, you will need to be balanced in your spending habits.

Your sign is the great protagonist of this planetary transit, which means you will be more visible than ever and you will attract people's eyes, especially someone who wants to start a romance with you. If there is no one on the horizon, a change of look will favor you. Venus makes you more interesting, not only in love, but also in professional matters.

Venus in Leo will make you more discerning about the sacrifices you decide to make. To strengthen your intuition, this will be the time to pamper yourself with a spa, yoga or meditation session. Perhaps you will find light on certain issues such as the will to close a cycle with a person.

Venus is your ruling planet and as long as it is located in Leo's territories it will encourage you to bring out the best in you. It is a good time to have fun and enjoy time with friends, be more sociable and, in one of those outings, have a passionate encounter. On the other hand, it is also a good time to start new projects.

It is possible that promotion opportunities arise, an interesting job proposal and even a romance with someone from work. Whatever your goals, in these weeks you will see a breakthrough, just keep your eyes peeled so you don't let your prey escape.

Venus in Leo is the opportunity to reconnect with your heart's desires, especially those that nourish your soul, you just need to stand firm in what you believe. However, the most important thing is to remain humble.

During Venus in Leo your sexual desire will be insatiable and it will be the ideal time to fulfill your passions and pleasures. This will help you connect with your sense of self-esteem.

It is possible that a conflict or problem arises with your partner or partnership, if you have a shared business. It will be easy to be provoked and you could react impulsively. One way to heal will be to unleash your libido.

With Venus in Leo you will feel good to do your best. You will feel especially productive and inspired, but when this planet begins its retrograde journey on July 22, it will be the opportunity to detoxify yourself from all the accumulated bad energies.

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