Venus in Leo 2023: what to do to attract wealth and abundance

Did you know that Venus is not only the planet of love, it is also associated with money? When we talk about this star we immediately think of romance and although it is true, it is not the only energy that regulates from an astrological point of view, it also exposes what our desires are and what things we value most.

Depending on the sign where it is located will be the influence on these issues. Right now it is transiting through Leoa passionate, brave, leader and generous sign, although also arrogant, a combination that will increase our creativity and desire.

This not only means more love, romance and passion, also more abundance and prosperityso it is a transit that can help us take an important step towards our financial freedom, according to astrologers from Astrology Answers.

Opportunities, they add, could flow effortlessly while Venus is in Leo.Therefore, they reveal a series of attitudes that can help us attract wealth and abundance.

Accept your authenticity

The energy of Venus and Leo is powerful, you want to come out, expose yourself and shine, that's why this transit provides an opportunity to embrace our own unique selves. Accepting who we are will lead us to let go of our inhibitions and fears, so we can head towards success.

let your confidence flow

Venus in Leo instills the feeling of self-confidenceIt makes you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Let this energy flow, do not limit it or contaminate it with negative thoughts, think about each achievement you have obtained so far and congratulate yourself, so you will feel more motivated.

Set goals and act accordingly

Venus in Leo stimulates our passion, we have enough energy to work towards our goals. One way to positively direct this vibe and not waste it is by setting financial goals and acting accordingly.. This means having a plan that helps us to be more abundant, for example, saving 20% ​​of your monthly income.

Embrace your generous side

When Venus is in Leo it is common that we have the desire to be generous with others. If the impulse to buy something and give it to someone selflessly comes to you, do it. In this way, you project positive energy into the universe and positive karma that will help you get closer to your goals.

Accept the change

During the transit of Venus in Leo, many possibilities open up, so you have to keep the door open to any opportunity. If you are afraid of change, transformation or evolution you are restricting its power. Remember that as some doors close, others open. Changes are inevitable and the sooner you accept them, the better it will be for you.

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