Venezuelans will march to remember the popular victory of 2002 | News


The Venezuelan people, political and social movements and organizations will march this Wednesday to remember the popular victory of April 13, 2002 that supported President Hugo Chávez after the coup against him.


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“20 years after the rescue of the National Dignity, we overflow in the streets of Caracas and ratify our will to be free, sovereign and independent,” wrote the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) through its Twitter account.

For his part, the vice president of Mobilization and Events of the PSUV, Pedro Infante, stressed that the Bolivarian revolution will celebrate the date on which fascism was defeated in Venezuela and the historic leader of the Revolution returned to power.

That day will also be celebrated the Day of the Bolivarian Militia that was born as a result of the alliance that ruined the coup attempt of April 2002.

The Venezuelan right provoked a coup after a harsh media campaign against the top Bolivarian leader and the progressive ideals he represented when oligarchic sectors in complicity with the military high command, the church and private media allied to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution.

The planning of the final blow foresaw a massacre against the people in the streets near the Miraflores Palace in order to blame the president and his commanders.

President Chávez remained kidnapped from the beginning of the coup on April 11 until April 13, when he was rescued by soldiers loyal to him, who, together with the people, put an end to the coup attempt.

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