Venezuelan wins the first stage of the Cycling Tour of Guatemala | News

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The Venezuelan from the Claruso Merquimina team, Lilibeth Chacón, won this Thursday the first stage of the 21st Women's Tour of Guatemala, a route that included 114.8 kilometers.


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In the Parramos circuit, a municipality in the central department of Chimaltenango, the athlete managed to place herself at the head of 20 other cyclists, including the Colombian Patobike rider, Karen Villamizar.

Third place at the finish line corresponded to Juliana Londoño of the Prototype Women's Cycling Team, who previously added two of the three flyers disputed, while she is still the leader of the Under-23 category.

The 76 runners from five countries went through Rotonda, El Tejar, Kilometer 58. Entrance to the main city of the demarcation and concluded with seven laps to it.

The leading role in the competition, category 2.2 UCI, was taken by Andrea Alzate, from the Colombia-Eneicat CM team, followed by her compatriot from Patobike, Karen Loren and Chacón third.

The competition will conclude next Sunday, with another three stages, up to a total of 415 kilometers. There will be 121.2 on Friday June 9, 118 on Saturday and 60 on the final day.

The Mexican Marcela Prieto, from Patobike, arrived with the endorsement of succeeding in this land in 2018 and of the maximum Costa Rican event the following year.

The local, Jazmin Gabriela Soto, 30 years old and a member of the Maciso Cordelsa Don Paletero team, was in third place five years ago and in 2022 she was runner-up in the Tour of Costa Rica.

In the 2021 edition, the Colombian Lorena Colmenares took the victory, while Liliana Moreno was crowned in 2019.

La Vuelta, created in 2001, returned to Guatemala after a hiatus in 2022 due to lack of funding.

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