Venezuelan President dialogue seeks to create practical mechanism to address

Venezuelan President: dialogue seeks to create practical mechanism to address social needs | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ratified this Thursday that the dialogue process between the Government and the extremist sector of the opposition will be resumed, in order to recover the country’s resources that have been kidnapped to meet various social needs.


Government of Venezuela announces that it will continue national dialogue

“Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th, the peace talks between the legitimate Government of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government, and the Unitary Platform, an extremist right-wing sector of the opposition, will be resumed,” he said during his radio program La Hora de la Salsa.

The head of state recalled that Venezuela has “very advanced levels of dialogue” with social, economic, political and cultural sectors, but “in a particular way we have insisted on dialogue with the political sector dependent on the Government of the United States (… .) with the sector that at one time was called guaidocista, now it is no longer so”.

“They have called themselves the Unitary Platform and we have been talking for several months with work commissions in order to rescue part of the billions of dollars that were kidnapped from us with sanctions and unilateral coercive measures,” the president emphasized.

President Maduro assured that the resources that are recovered will be invested in “the necessary electrical service, in water, in health, in education (…) in places where bridges have fallen due to torrential rain, due to climate change We have been working in silence among Venezuelans.”

In addition, he thanked the willingness of the Kingdom of Norway and the Mexican Government in the diplomatic efforts to establish these dialogues, which will be resumed “at a new level, a new point of dialogue based on recovering the sequestered resources to invest them in the people of

The president stressed that the Venezuelan government has always maintained its willingness to dialogue with all sectors of the country and, on this occasion, they are reaching out to the “extremist opposition sector that
tried to carry out a coup” in the country, being a bridge for them to return to democracy.

“We are negotiating with a sector that sought intervention in Venezuela, which called the
Government of Donald Trump to invade us. And I have said that peace is our method, it is our port. We are going to seek peace through the paths of dialogue, understanding, harmony, the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” he stressed.

For his part, the president of the National Assembly and head of the national government delegation in the process, Jorge Rodríguez, specified that discreet meetings have been held with this sector of the opposition for four or five months.

“For approximately four to five months we have been having discreet and constructive meetings with this sector of the Venezuelan opposition,” he said.

He also commented that the resumption of talks in Mexico was raised outside the framework of the memorandum of understanding that was signed in August 2021.

“And that it should begin with a social agreement, with the discussion of social issues, because Venezuela has sufficient resources that are kidnapped, that are illegally blocked,” he said.