Venezuelan Parliament asks to protect referendum on Essequibo | News

Venezuelan Parliament asks to protect referendum on Essequibo | News
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The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, formalized this Wednesday the request for constitutional protection before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to protect what he called the rights of the Venezuelan people in the face of the referendum on Essequibo on the next 3 from December.


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According to Rodríguez, the concentration and march of the deputies, as well as the formal request is to demand "the TSJ to protect the constitutional rights of the people of Venezuela [y] We will give the answer on December 3, all sectors."

Likewise, he noted that "we will tell those irresponsible people in Guyana that Essequibo is ours and that the actions will be approved by the people."

The head of the Venezuelan parliament responded to Guyana's accusations about the arbiter of the conflict: "In Venezuela we have been insisting for 56 years that the only document that is recognized is the Geneva Agreement [de 1966]. There is a lot of evidence that Guyana was engaged in talks."}

The president insisted on the interference of foreign oil transnationals in the Guyanese Government: "but in 2015 it ceased to be a government and became a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil and a war began to try to remove us from that important territory."

He recalled that "Venezuela has been fighting for 120 years for the supreme right which is to maintain its territory. There is an illegal decision, a fraud proven with testimonies from those who perpetrated this fraud of 159,000 square kilometers of territory."

In that same sense, he pointed out that "the subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, spuriously, requested to extract oil from a sea that is not properly delimited, a territory that is in controversy, [aunque] "We must wait for the delimitation of the sea to be able to use it."

Rodríguez thus refers to Exxon Mobil's announcement the day before about the start of oil extraction from waters adjacent to the Esquibo.

For this reason, the head of Parliament said that "this is the reason why we are requesting protection of our civil, constitutional and human rights, protection for an event that represents the unanimous feeling of Venezuela, a protection that accompanies us," facing the discussion with Guyana.

Jorge Rodríguez concluded with the idea that "we have the right to say that we are going to insist on the Geneva Agreement to resolve the controversy. Venezuela's right to choose whether it wants to designate the State of Guayana Esequiba."

On December 3, Venezuela will take five questions to a referendum on the dispute in Essequibo.

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