Venezuelan opposition chooses Chavismo's rival for the 2024 elections

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Yesterday, and after the president Nicolas Maduro agree with USA the organization of presidential elections in 2024 in Venezuela, the opposition held primary voting to define the candidate who will face Chavismo.

In this process, the liberal Maria Corina Machado, former representative, is emerging as the winner of the primaries. Experts estimate that around 1.5 million people have participated so far in these votes, in a country with almost 30 million inhabitants.

Many citizens lent their homes in the absence of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, which asked for a month to organize the elections and did not provide infrastructure to carry out the elections.

If the council did not give us, Venezuelans, the hand to lend us the polling stations (voting centers), which is ideal, I considered well, my house is in order, and that's it," said Judith González, 75 years old. . Margarita Fuenmayor also offered her house to be a voting center in the primaries called by the opposition. It was at the last minute, in defiance of Chavismo's "intimidation" of the organizers of the elections in the popular neighborhood where she lives. “Yes you can, yes you can!”, chanted about a thousand people outside Margarita's house to encourage this process.

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The Philippines and China accused each other yesterday of intentionally causing two collisions between ships from both countries in the disputed South China Sea.

Meanwhile, the United States Department of State accused that “the Coast Guard and maritime militia of the People's Republic of China violated international law by intentionally interfering with the exercise of freedom of navigation on the high seas of Philippine vessels.”


The mishap occurred in disputed territory. Photo: AFP

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