Venezuelan opposition candidate wins elections in Barinas | News


The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela announced that the right-wing candidate Sergio Garrido won the elections for governor of the state of Barinas with 55.36 percent of the vote.


Jorge Arreaza recognizes the triumph of the opposition in elections for the Governor of Barinas

The electoral authority of the South American country indicated that with 97.40 percent of the tally sheets, the candidate of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) received 172,497 votes, followed by the candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Jorge Arreaza, who obtained 128,583 votes, equivalent to 41.27 percent of the total votes.

Minutes before the announcement of the CNE, the official candidate Jorge Arreaza acknowledged his defeat and thanked all the people who voted in his favor for their support.

“The information we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that, although we increased the vote, we have not achieved the objective,” the former Venezuelan foreign minister wrote in a tweet.

The elections for governor in the state of Barinas took place on January 9 after the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to annul the results for the position of governor from the polls on November 21, due to irregularities in the process.

With the result of the elections in Barinas, the current political landscape in Venezuela is divided into 19 government governorships and four under the control of the opposition.

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