Venezuelan government calls to promote fiber optics and expand internet access | News

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The Venezuelan Government instructed this Wednesday the creation of alliances at the national and international level in order to expand Internet coverage and bring the fiber optic link to more than three million homes throughout the country.


President of Venezuela inaugurates International Telecommunications Fair

In this sense, the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, who spoke at the inauguration of the first International Telecommunications Fair in Venezuela (FitelVen 2023), highlighted the need to develop this technology.

The head of state called on the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv), EDC Network, Sistemas Metro de Caracas to participate in the deployment of this service; The Teques; Valencia and Maracaibo, State Railway Institute (IFE) and the infrastructure of the Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation.

“We must believe in the human, scientific, professional and intellectual capabilities of our people in the telecommunications engine that generally drives the scientific, technological, material and spiritual development of our beloved Venezuela,” he noted.

In turn, he urged companies to support the implementation of the Internet in schools with the intention of benefiting the 20,000 educational centers, of which 14,000 already enjoy the service.

Likewise, the Bolivarian leader reviewed that since 2017, the number of authorizations for private companies that provide internet service in the country has increased by 133 percent.

As part of the policy to promote telecommunications at the national level, the president announced a set of measures, including the exemption of import taxes for a period of one year for telecommunications companies.

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