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The Government of Venezuela put into action on Saturday an emergency plan to attend to 1,884 families affected by the floods caused by the intense rains that affected the state of Bolívar.


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According to the Minister of the Interior and Justice, Remigio Ceballos, "The risk management system was activated, by order of our President Nicolás Maduro, to support mitigation actions undertaken by Governor Ángel Marcano, in the Bolívar state, motivated by floods in Santa Elena de Uairen".

The official shared on his social networks images of the flooded spaces in the community and ensured attention to the victims. Likewise, he highlighted the presence in the area of ​​citizen security personnel, firefighters and members of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb).

"The Citizen Security Organs: firefighters, Civil Protection and Ceofanb are reinforcing shipments of goods, food and medicine, with air and land logistics train to bring well-being, health and tranquility to the Bolivarian people in the south of the country," he explained.

The Venezuelan Government has been alerting since last May about the risks before the beginning of the rainy season, which included the passage of 65 tropical waves, for which it calls on the population to take precautions, while coordinating actions with governors and mayors to mitigate the risks.

Venezuela suffered a period of heavy rains in 2022, with damage of varying intensity to some 14,000 homes, some multi-family, with a balance of at least 94 deaths. The intense rains of last July cost the lives of four people in Trujillo state, according to information from the governor of that region, Gerardo Márquez.

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