Venezuelan Foreign Minister meets with Deputy Secretary of OCHA | News


The Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Carlos Faría, met this Monday with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Martin Griffiths, as part of his political agenda during the prelude to the 77th period of sessions. of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).


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The meeting was attended, on behalf of Venezuela, by the permanent representative to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, and the vice-chancellor for Multilateral Issues, Rubén Darío Molina.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, regarding the visit in August of the high-ranking OCHA official, stressed that this background had the purpose of “strengthening the alliances between Venezuela and the UN, with a schedule of activities to support ongoing efforts and address humanitarian and social needs.”

Similarly, since his arrival at the UN meeting, Foreign Minister Faría has spoken with representatives of the community of Latin American States, the Development Bank of Latin America and the Association of Caribbean States.

Meetings with counterparts

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs met with the Foreign Minister of Eritrea, Osman Mohammed Saleh, and shared Venezuela’s willingness to strengthen cooperation for the benefit of both countries.

Likewise, the minister spoke with his Serbian counterpart, Nikola Selakovic, and reiterated the importance “of creating a multipolar world, without hegemonies, where social justice prevails.”

“We had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Palestine, Riad Malki, at the 77th Period of Sessions of the UN General Assembly, ratifying the unrestricted support of the Venezuelan Government in the face of the violence suffered by the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation forces. ”, confirmed Carlos Faría from his Twitter account.

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