Venezuelan Eduin Becerra leads fifth stage back to Táchira | News


The Venezuelan cyclist Eduin Becerra was the winner of the fifth stage of the Táchira cycling tour developed this Thursday in a 101.4-kilometer circuit that extends from La Tendida to La Grita.


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Becerra, who wears the Orgullo Andino team jersey, set a time of 2:46:27 hours in a close close with fellow Venezuelan Roniel Campos of Deportivo Táchira, whom he overtook by just one second.

The podium of the round was all Venezuelan because Anderson Paredes, from the same team as the winner of the stage, crossed the finish line in third place, five seconds from the first place.

With the victory in this route, Becerra is second in the general standings behind the Colombian Juan Espinel belonging to the JB Calzado Deportivo squad, who has a cumulative time of 15:31:02 hours and is 44 seconds better positioned than Becerra.

With the leadership in the circuit this Thursday, Becerra went on to lead the mountain category in the Vuelta al Táchira in addition to his first place and the third of Paredes contributing to his team, Fundación Ángeles Hernández-Orgullo Andino, assuming the top of the table in the cast section.

This Friday the sixth stage of the 57th edition of the Táchira cycling tour will take place, which will extend for 114.1 kilometers between the cities of Rubio and Casa del Padre.

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