Venezuelan deputies request investigation into Operation Puma | News

A commission from the National Assembly of Venezuela arrived in Argentina to ask the Congress of that country for an investigation into Operation Puma during the administration of former President Mauricio macri.


They neutralize a new attack against the electrical system in Venezuela

The Venezuelan delegation, headed by Deputy Blanca eekout, will deliver a report, which requires an investigation to determine the responsibilities for the attempted military intervention in Venezuela intended during the administration of macri (2015-2019).

According to the deputy eekoutOperation Puma, financed by the United States Department of State (USA) and sponsored by the then president, intended to carry out a military action to overthrow the constitutional authorities of Venezuela.

In the midst of his request for investigation, the president of the Parlasur Argentina and president of the Observatory of Democracy of the ParlasurOscar The edge, informed that the Justice of that nation advances the inquiries to the filed complaint. “This is something serious, not only because of the involvement in the luck of a country but that this has antecedents of what happened in Bolivia”, he concluded.

During the meeting with parliamentarians from Parlasur, Carlos LĂłpez LĂłpez, GastĂłn Harispe, Pablo Vilas and Jorge Vanossi, the Venezuelan delegation, also made up of deputy MarĂ­a ChĂĄvez and deputy Luis MartĂ­nez, reiterated the need for regional unity, which is It must be based on common interests and not on ideologies.

Blanca Eekhout explained that wars put regional unity at risk, “we have worked with the Parliament with the Senate for that necessary unity, to strengthen ties precisely in this year 2022, where we are going to celebrate the bicentennial of the meeting of San MartĂ­n and BolĂ­var “, narrowed.

What’s more, eekout emphasized in the need to prioritize the ties of the peoples in order to advance and continue in the iron defense for the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples.

For its part, The edge He alluded to the re-entry of Venezuela into Mercosur, pointing out the importance of its materialization for the construction of a multipolar world. “Soon, the plenary session of the Parlasur will deal with this situation (reinstatement of Venezuela),” he said.