Venezuela thrashes Chile in the fourth round of qualifying | News

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The Venezuelan national soccer team achieved an important victory this Tuesday against Chile by a score of three goals to zero, within the qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.


Venezuela ties with Brazil in World Cup qualifiers

Brazilian Santos' skilled winger, Yeferson Soteldo, scored the goal that opened the scoring in the 45th+1 minute. Then his teammates Salomón Rondón (minute 72) and Darwin Machís (minute 79) sealed the final score for the vinotinto.

With this result, those led by Fernando Batista are tied with seven points with Uruguay and Brazil and are in positions two to four in the general classification.

After the draw against the Venezuelans on matchday three, Brazil could not add three and fell against Marcelo Bielsa's Uruguay, by a score of two goals to zero.

The five-time world champion was the owner of the ball, but could not break the celestial barrier. Darwin Núñez in the 42nd minute and Nicolás de la Cruz in the 77th minute sealed the final score.

Paraguay, through Antonio Sanabria (69'), defeated Bolivia one score to zero and the latter nation is the one that momentarily occupies the bottom of the classification without scoring until this fourth date.

In a match where Liverpool and Colombia star Luis Díaz missed a penalty in the 61st minute and five minutes later the VAR annulled a goal by Colombian centre-back Carlos Cuesta, Colombia and Ecuador could not get past a goalless draw.

Argentina defeated Peru two goals to zero, with both goals from the star and captain, Lionel Messi.

Argentina, with this victory, continues at the top of the Conmebol classification with a view to the 2026 World Cup.

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