Venezuela restores electricity service after right-wing attack | News

The Ministry of Electric Energy of Venezuela reported this Wednesday that the workers of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) restored the electric service to 100 percent in the southwestern region of the country, after the attack suffered by the National Electric System (SEN).


Venezuela denounces sabotage against oil facilities

The entity thanked through a message from its social networks the work of the Corpoelec forces that managed to recover the service in that region.

“Our workforce is the backbone for the stabilization of our National Electric System, Flag of Venezuela,” says the publication.

Previously, the sectoral vice president of Public Works and Services, G/J Néstor Luis Reverol Torres, announced that he was supervising and monitoring the maneuvers together with the teams from the National Dispatch Center.

The Government specified that the attacks on the electrical infrastructure are part of a multiform sabotage that the Venezuelan extreme right deploys with external support to destabilize the country and generate citizen discontent.

According to President Nicolás Maduro, the blockade imposed by the Government of the United States affects these attempts to create internal conflicts.

Reverol denounced this Tuesday that destabilizing groups committed an act of sabotage that ended with the fall of a tower of the Planta Centro-Valle Seco line in the Taborda sector of Puerto Cabello, in Carabobo, with the purpose of interrupting the electrical service.

“Corpoelec’s workforce does not stop in the face of this type of action and is working 24 hours a day to restore electricity service in the entity,” said the official.

Last Friday, January 7, the electrical system of Barinas suffered an attack in the middle of the regional elections to renew the governorship.

Likewise, in the Poliducto de Oriente, located in the Naricual municipality, in the city of Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state, from which all the fuel is distributed to the eastern states of the country, a sabotage was carried out on January 11 with the objective of boycotting the Government’s advances in oil matters.